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"Your Branch to the Mediterranean Lifestyle" you can do from anywhere.

Chef Dario Tomaselli and Anita Heidema bring the connection, inspiration, and great health of the Mediterranean to everyone

The Mediterranean diet has long been recommended by doctors for good health, but an eating plan alone doesn’t address the challenges people face with their relationships, careers, and overall fulfillment. With O’Live Your Life, rich life strategist and health advocate Anita Heidema and world-renowned Chef Dario Tomaselli offer the complete Mediterranean lifestyle to transform every facet of your life, from romance to personal and professional success.

Dario is an acclaimed international chef and Anita brings 30 years of education and experience in travel and management to her work as a personal and professional development expert. Together they help people experience more connection, romance, fulfillment, longevity, and joy.

With O’Live Your Life’s monthly International Dinner Club, retreats, coaching, and a full curriculum of classes, Anita and Dario provide immersive experiences allowing anyone to live the Mediterranean lifestyle from anywhere in the world. Offering both online and in-person adventures, O’Live Your Life takes participants around the globe, teaching them to infuse their food with love, helping them to realize their personal and professional potential, and showing them how to slow down for the sake of their own health, longevity, and enjoyment.

O’Live Your Life helps people enjoy life, achieve good health, and experience more joy through the Mediterranean lifestyle — full of international exploration, connection over healthy meals, slow living, and the savoring of simple pleasures.

Dario and Anita are living proof that the slow and easy Mediterranean lifestyle leads to better relationships and overall happiness. With O’Live Your Life, they are taking people with them on their Mediterranean adventure from the comfort of their own homes, inviting them to cook together, eat together, and travel together.

“I am a firm believer that food leaves a meaningful impact on our way of life,” says Dario. “It’s about reconnecting with local farmers around the world, where food and products begin their journey, and learning how to respect our cooking creations — not only from a sustainability point of view, but also in terms of the connection to family and friends that cooking and food brings. Creating delicious meals feeds the soul.”

Rich life strategist and health advocate Anita Heidema guides people towards great health, longevity, and enjoyment of their lives, whatever their circumstances. “The same boiling water that softens the potato hardens an egg,” she explains. “It’s not about the circumstances, it’s about what you’re made of.”

In addition to helping people around the world to transform their lives through O’Live Your Life, Anita and Dario use their work to raise awareness of Lewy body dementia. They are engaged in charity events, and are donating proceeds from Anita’s book “Vitality Knocks,” as well as the forthcoming book from Anita and Dario, “O’Live Your Life,” and all O’Live Your Life programs to support the cause.

A Life of Connection, Fulfillment, and Nourishment

During COVID-19 lockdowns, people around the world realized they wanted to live more connected and fulfilling lives. But how? The Mediterranean lifestyle means connecting while we prepare our foods and eat our meals, taking bicycle rides together, walking to the local market to pick up fresh ingredients, exploring the world with each other (or enjoying other cultures at home when we can’t travel), and living slowly.

The 8 Principles of the Mediterranean Lifestyle

Anita and Dario introduce Mediterranean living through eight simple principles:

1. Eating Balanced the Mediterranean Way - Prepare meals with local ingredients, healthy fats such as olive oil and avocados, and plant-based foods like nuts and legumes.

2. Connecting the Mediterranean Way - Find your tribe and get together in the kitchen. Cook together, eat together, and create meaningful connections together.

3. Stress-Free the Mediterranean Way - All of us need to slow down. Rest and reflection are essential for our physical and mental health.

4. Naturally Active the Mediterranean Way - Find simple ways to be more active in your daily life. Small changes like walking to work or bicycling to the store can add-up to a naturally healthy lifestyle.

5. Have a Sense of Purpose the Mediterranean Way - A purpose in life doesn’t have to be a grand declaration, it can be as simple as focusing on the things you love in your everyday activities.

6. Practice Gratitude the Mediterranean Way - We all have things to be grateful for but are often too overwhelmed by our lives to express gratitude. Take a little time to focus on what you’re grateful for.

7. Prioritize Your Happiness the Mediterranean Way - Focusing on what makes you happy can lead you to focus on what makes those around you happy. In the Mediterranean lifestyle, happiness comes from helping others and doing good deeds every day.

8. Try to Learn New Things the Mediterranean Way - Being curious, traveling, and learning new things can help expand your mind and your world.

International Experiences That Can Transform Lives

O’Live Your Life offers transformative virtual and in-person experiences including:

* International Dinner Club

The International Dinner Club is a travel dinner party experience where you receive exclusive, chef-created, one-of-a-kind menus with five delectable courses inspired by a different region or country. The club provides a fun way to bring friends and family together with dinner parties (whether in person or via Zoom) and inspire people through their love of travel. Themed menus are accompanied by wine/juice pairing suggestions and a fun information kit featuring culinary techniques and travel tips for the featured locale.

* Mediterranean Connection

O’Live Your Life invites people from all corners of the globe to participate in an immersive 5-day online inspirational summit to introduce them to the O’Live Your Life experience and the Mediterranean lifestyle. It invites participants to take a step back from their busy schedules, admire the life they’ve built, and make a decision to move toward the inspired life they crave. Guided by Anita, Dario, and special guests, participants learn about the hottest travel spots, the best wines to pair with Dario’s inventive Mediterranean recipes, and the top food, wine, health, cooking, and travel trends.

* Under the Tuscan Sun Culinary Retreat

Participants will experience Italy with locals on private tours normally reserved for top chefs from around the world, staying at a 5-star villa at an organic vineyard near Arezzo in Tuscany.

* Cook-A-Vision Group Classes

Anita and Dario offer in-person and virtual professional retreats for businesses looking to bring their professional teams together, and boost morale. O’Live Your Life’s Cook-A-Vision classes teach participants how to lead a healthier lifestyle and prepare nutritious Mediterranean meals, whether they are learning in a kitchen or in a conference setting. The program is a customized, unique, and delicious way for a team to connect while experiencing flavors from around the world.

* 3 Secrets to the Mediterranean Lifestyle From Anywhere

Go from bored to inspired! Visitors to O’Live Your Life’s website may opt to receive Anita and Dario’s free gift, Three Secrets to the Mediterranean Lifestyle From Anywhere. Over three days, subscribers will receive one simple action step daily to help them achieve a Mediterranean lifestyle. On day one, the focus is food and how to eat more healthily, the Mediterranean way. On day two, Anita and Dario offer tips for connection, and building better relationships with family and friends. Day three delivers tools to destress, including a “Mediterranean Mindset” meditation.

* Books to Inspire

In her first book “Vitality Knocks: Short Stories to Enrich Your Soul,” Anita offers inspiration to those who feel stuck in their life journey. In Dario and Anita’s forthcoming book, “O’Live Your Life,” the couple share all of the essentials of the Mediterranean lifestyle in 8 simple principles, and offer an assortment of delicious meal and juice recipes, to help people find great health, live longer lives, and achieve happiness.

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