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Not Just a Diet! 3 Easy Steps to Start Living a Mediterranean Lifestyle.

Diets only address physical health issues, but most people are challenged in areas including relationships, careers, communication, and fulfillment. Chef Dario Tomaselli and rich life strategist and health advocate Anita Heidema offer easy changes that anyone can make today to improve their health and overall happiness by living a Mediterranean lifestyle, not just eating a Mediterranean diet.

Finding Connection in the Time of COVID-19

COVID-19’s lockdowns and social distancing have left many of us feeling lonely and isolated. Food is a fantastic way to (safely) reconnect, whether in person with members of a pod or via a Zoom dinner party. Anita and Dario have all the ingredients to plan a fun, healthy, travel-themed get-together that will have guests leaving their cares behind and experiencing the reconnection they crave.

The 8 Principles of the Mediterranean Lifestyle:

From getting your daily exercise by walking to the market, to eating nutrient-packed foods, to reducing stress by spending time with family, the Mediterranean lifestyle offers many of the keys to longevity. Anita and Dario explain how the lifestyle can impact your long-term health and the simple changes you can make to achieve it.

Better Intimacy Through Communication and Food

In marriages, people often find themselves living lonely lives, isolated in their own worlds. If we don’t learn to connect, it may lead to separation from our life partner/spouse, and eventually divorce. Dario and Anita explain how to achieve better intimacy through communication and food. Anita shares her expertise in the field of neuro-linguistic programming, and world-renowned Chef Dario shows how to infuse food and dining with love, so that sitting down to eat together becomes an act of community and union.

Rich Life Kickstart

With more than 30 years of experience and education in business management and personal growth, Anita Heidema shares how to envision and manifest a successful life. She walks audiences through identifying their big dream, creating a clear and focused plan, developing a success mindset, outlining actions, and building momentum to achieve what they desire.

What’s So Great About Olives?

Dario and Anita share why olives are so important to our health, offering tips for ways to prepare and use them. From using olive oil as a skin moisturizer to hosting an olive plate party, olives have the power to nourish us and bring us together. Anita and Dario show us how.

Better Health Through Juicing

From boosting immunity to healing nausea to fighting the common cold, juicing is a simple and delicious way to make ourselves healthier and happier. Anita shares her favorite smoothies and juices that offer immediate and long-term benefits for physical health. Juicing is also a great way to pair the flavors of fresh vegetables with healthy meals. Anita offers a guide to what juices to serve with different dishes, just as you would pair meals with wine.

3 Easy Meditations to Improve Intuition, Abundance, and Health

Anita offers a guide to three simple meditations that transform lives. She has an easy meditation to improve intuitive skills, one to create a more abundant life, and a third to improve physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Creating a More Passionate Life

As partners in work and love, Dario and Anita know all about creating a passionate life. The pair share their secrets for both business and romantic success, including how living a Mediterranean lifestyle has brought them closer together.

How to Reignite Your Forgotten Dreams and Passions as a Food- and Travel-Loving Couple

Anita and Dario share how preparing our food together, dining together, and traveling together gives new life to romantic relationships. The couple offer inventive recipes, delightful wine and juice pairings, and creative travel tips, with insights about the latest trends.

3 Ways a Mediterranean Lifestyle Will Ignite Your Healthiest Happiest Life Yet

Dario and Anita share all the details of why and how the Mediterranean lifestyle transforms lives.

Entrepreneurs: Stop Wasting Your Time Being Busy

Rich life and health advocate Anita Heidema has more than 30 years of education and training in business management and travel, neuro-linguistic programming, and hypnotherapy. She guides entrepreneurs out of their old self-defeating habits so that they can achieve more success and happiness.
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